Striker Ice Floatation Suit


jigga: Good morning gents, anyone out today? Looking for conditions to walk out and fish with a pop up. Keswick, Gilford, Innisfil, cook's bay generally speaking. Please let me know. Feb 17, 2023 11:23:04 GMT -5
gageman: Good morning. This is a long shot but I have to ask if anyone picked up a 8 in auger and spud bar at little caesar last March 15th. Went to find my gear and noticed it missing. Please advise Thanks Jan 31, 2023 10:36:16 GMT -5
bentpole: Hello Peter.... Hope you are doing fine. I sincerely hope you are ok. Glad the board is still up and running. It's been years since I have been to Cooks and probably will not return. I haven't ice fished in 4 years. Take care brother. Stay on the move. Jan 30, 2023 11:54:51 GMT -5
mac: Hi Peter. How have you been feeling these days buddy? I'm retired now, and living down in FL. No more ice fishing for this guy. :) Jan 20, 2023 0:23:35 GMT -5
Angler: Hi Peter, It has been awhile. Are you still putting out huts? Jan 18, 2023 11:37:04 GMT -5
peter: Safe ice expected Feb som time Jan 7, 2023 8:35:53 GMT -5
admin: It's warming up snow melting Dec 28, 2022 8:35:26 GMT -5
aspies: waiting for O.K Peter Dec 26, 2022 13:16:43 GMT -5
bish52: Thanks for the heads up. Merry Christmas Peter Dec 23, 2022 15:40:30 GMT -5
dee004: I was hoping it was going to be earlier this year but boo hoo hoo for me. Surgery on Jan 18th and that'll be all she wrote for me this coming ice fishing season. Hope the rest of the gang does well. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all...... Dec 23, 2022 14:30:26 GMT -5
admin: Video ice reports from all over posted on the cbfb , get your video in now Dec 23, 2022 14:06:06 GMT -5
admin: Buy and sell ,happy xmess Dec 23, 2022 12:12:48 GMT -5
fishsome: Hi Peter, Where would I post a request on advice to buy a reasonably priced underwater camera? Dec 22, 2022 18:28:26 GMT -5
ltmedic5718: Happy Holidays !!!!! Dec 19, 2022 4:44:29 GMT -5
ltmedic5718: Glad to see your still online. Hope you're feeling well. Heard you had some "winter weather". How's the ice coming along. Can't wait for hard water. Since the borders open, maybe I can make a trip up and fish with Ice Cabins. I'm from Pennsylvania in USA. Dec 19, 2022 4:43:54 GMT -5
peter: Still here brother, just getting ready for winter. Nov 30, 2022 12:44:23 GMT -5
ltmedic5718: Is this board still active ? Is Peter still online? Nov 28, 2022 16:41:09 GMT -5
cbcaper: iam retired and don't care what they do when i was growing up you could leave your doors unlocked now you have to lock them and put a shotgun beside them Feb 21, 2022 17:02:41 GMT -5
admin: Politics would go on the news board Feb 21, 2022 16:37:38 GMT -5
nats: Politics has no place on this board, period.. Feb 21, 2022 12:37:53 GMT -5
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